Explore Namibia on a luxury self-drive safari


Explore Namibia on a luxury self-drive safari

Luxury safaris holiday in Africa always involve large elements of adventure. A self-drive safari may intimidate some visitors to Africa, whereas others will revel in the concept of exploring some of the world's untouched and untamed wildernesses. If you're an adventurer at heart then a self-drive safari is the perfect way for you to experience Namibia.

Namibia has some of the most remote areas on offer to explore, with an abundance of untamed wildlife, a diverse landscape and a unique opportunity for solitude and the chance to experience wildlife and nature like you have never done before. There can be few experiences which match the thrill of waking up in your own camp, with no one around you for miles around in some of the most pristine locations in the world.

I can think of no finer way to explore Namibia's endless horizons than at your own pace and in the comfort of your own vehicle. If you have never experienced a self-drive safari before then don't worry as Namibia is an excellent starting point. Namibia has an eclectic and diverse geography, within its landscape Namibia contains a large section of the Kalahari Desert in the East which is a semi-arid desert and is therefore able to sustain lie, and in the North of the country lays the Etosha Pan which is an area rich in wildlife.

Naturally with a self-drive safari you are required to do much more preparation and research before embarking on your trip. But the best part about going on a self-drive safari is you can tailor your safari to suit your needs, staying in areas for as little or as long as you wish, going and doing almost whatever you want and whenever you want. You really do have freedom to roam the wilderness, much like the wildlife in Namibia that roams free in one of Africa's most untamed wildernesses. The focus here is on both the journey and the destination.

Sadly, some people do have a misconception that the roads and infrastructure of Namibia is poor, I can assure you that this misconception is far from the truth. Namibia has excellent roads which are well maintained; meaning Namibia is extremely easy to navigate and also has a general lack of traffic which makes getting around Namibia even easier.

Another misconception of a self-drive safari is that exploring the wilderness on your own means that you will be sacrificing on comfort. This is not the case, most self-drive safaris give you the option of staying in camps along your journey, meaning you can explore all that you wish during the day and then venture to a camp site along the route to lay your head down in comfort and indulge in a meal under the stars as you hear the faint noises of the African wilderness.

Luxury safaris holiday to Namibia is the finest wilderness experiences that you could ever wish to experience and in my mind the only way to explore this vast country of beauty is on a self-drive safari, as you experience your very own Namibia.

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